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The joy of watching someone’s skills blossom – priceless!!

July 19th, 2013

Neat clip of teaching my brother the finer points of fly fishing gin clear water for large Brown Trout

One of the great aspects of my job as a guide is watching the unbridled joy when an angler hooks and lands a first trout, personal best,

or even just makes a cast right. It’s often winning the little battles that makes all the difference and seeing someone’s skill base grow is of

endless fun and satisfaction for me (not to mention the one holding the rod!!) My brother loved this trip and was beaming about his

much improved skills and best trip in terms of fun, reward, and result…

The last ripples of the season

June 5th, 2013

Hi all!

With the season over it’s time to re-stock the fly box and come up with some cunning new ties to keep a step ahead of next seasons equally cunning Brownies. I have some ideas, so watch this space for some early season creations, sure to be emblazoned with all the associated weight and bling… maybe some wiggly stuff too.

It has been a great season with absolutely superb condition on the majority of fish landed, especially from Christmas on – one of the best for years. Of major interest to me during my 130 or so days on the water this season, were the huge numbers of juveniles in a lot of rivers from about a 1/2lb up to 2lb or so. This augers really well (major floods notwithstanding) for the coming few seasons with these fish becoming the main catchable stock very soon. It also speaks well of the health of our fishery going forward.

The drought over Jan – March, threw up some interesting trends. First was the amount of anglers, local and visiting, who bemoaned the tough ‘conditions’ and lack of fish to the bank. Contrary to a lot of common beliefs out there, trout love these conditions as long as they have spots to go to find cooler aerated water when the mid afternoon temps get too high. The insect biomass explodes to huge numbers and fish will gorge themselves on regular hatches and large ‘in the drift’ numbers of invertebrates in these settled conditions. Just working out where the fish are and filling in the last piece of the puzzle – when they feed, will have you smiling to the sound of a singing reel and feel of a well bent rod.

‘Catch’ you all soon!

Fly Fishing Clips

November 21st, 2011