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South Island Fly Fishing DVDs For Sale

Each DVD is a visual diary of keen fishermen fishing some of the premier trout waters of the New Zealand’s South Island over the course of a season. Enjoy watching the wary brown trout in crystal clear waters – the ultimate challenge for any avid fly fisherman – amidst spectacular scenery. These DVDs will not only entertain but you can learn about new locations and techniques to further your own fishing in these challenging waters.

SPECIAL! Fly Fishing Adventures Volume 5 – ‘The Distant Browns of Emerald’

Volume 5 – 'The Distant Browns of Emerald'

Distant Emerald Water. Large Brown Trout. It’s often said that New Zealand leads the world in sighted fly fishing for large brown trout in gin clear water. We took a look at three magical trips where the ‘quality of the experience’ is at the highest level. It’s about putting in time and effort to find these places and eventually the stars will align with the weather, scenery and fishing at their very best.
Feature length: 95 minutes
Formats: PAL

$ 25 plus postage

Fly Fishing Clips from around the top of the South Island Region

NEW! The search for ‘dry fly heaven’ – Fly fishing New Zealand.

The search for ‘dry fly heaven’ took place a few seasons back with regular client/buddy Kresten Ovesen from Denmark. I only just recently got around to editing the footage of what was a great trip, with the majority of fish (as the title would suggest!) eating dry flies. I managed to drown my main camera half way through, but was able to use my Canon 5D to capture some cool moments over the second half of the adventure. I think it captures the essence of adventure angling and trust you’ll enjoy the rugged nature of the surroundings and quality of fish caught. Cheers, Mike.