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Dear Mike,

My wife and i are back in boring Singapore where there are too many people and zero trout! Just want to thank you again for looking after us so well for the 3 day/2 night wilderness river excursion you took us on. Despite having fished in your beautiful country for the past 15 years, it was a new and interesting experience and exciting fishing too ! As we have shared with you, we are always on the lookout for competent and friendly guides whom we feel that we want to return to and we have found that in you ! My wife is still talking about how fit you are and how you move from rock to rock in the river like a mountain goat while spotting fish. We truly appreciate your hardworking attitude in your guiding and wanting to do your best for your clients ! We also find that you are an excellent instructor and have learnt a lot from you. We look forward to fishing with you again in the near future !

Seetow & Sockchin

Hello Mike,
I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for giving me the fishing experience of a lifetime! To me, those days were far beyond anything previously experienced, about much more than the fishing itself, and actually quite overwhelming. A defining moment in life, you might say, so let me put a few words on how I perceived those days.

The fishing? Well, that Tuesday exceeded “super fishing” – I had never thought fishing could be this good! You used the term “Rolls Royce fishing”, which covers it perfectly. Vintage, top drawer, excellent and so on could be used as well. What made it so good was not just the numbers or the quality of the fish, but the whole experience: the wilderness; solitude…

…In particular the two consecutive six-pounders towing around roots and tussocks in those super-pools, with luck on our side; the ones that got away and made sure I’ll be back next year; the technical walk up the river, a good day’s work-out and very enjoyable; the hut, the food and the helicopter and I could go on. Just as importantly, we could talk about things other than the fishing, which is needed when alone for three days.

Bottom-line, Mike, this was a life-time fishing experience with an impact beyond and about life. You made it happen and I am very grateful for that. The fact that you press tirelessly to cover a few more stretches of water, where others would have returned to the comfort of the hut (well, comfort…!) just shows your dedication to making this a perfect experience. This is a highly satisfied and returning customer!

Kresten Ovesen

I am back in the Danish winter! I have to tell you that it was great experience to fish with you Mike. I have great respect for the way you work. You are a great fly fisherman.

It was a pleasure all 9 days we spent by the rivers.

I hope we can go fishing one day in New Zealand without the camera – just fishing :*)

I will email you some photos from the perfect days of fishing in NZ.

Best regards,
Morten Oeland (Star of the ‘Fish and the Fly’ DVD series)

Hi Mike,
Thanks for all your excellent guiding during our stay. Didn’t do too well ourselves – got blown off the Wairau (you did warn us about that!), fished the upper Buller for a couple of trout (not big), tried again on the xxxx river at a couple of locations and only managed to scare some big trout – but at least we did manage to sight them, so learnt something from your expertise. Fished the Motueka for one small trout, but as everyone told us Mot. was a bit warmer than it should be. The big lesson that I learnt from this trip is that to do well in NZ you need a guide. Fuad has sent photos on to me – thanks for that, much appreciated. The highlight for me was definitely our trip to the xxxx – a magnificent river and area to be in – even if I did stuff up a few casts! If you get the chance would appreciate the details of your poly leader – it obviously works well in presenting the fly but needs a little practice to handle correctly.
Thanks again for your guiding and good humour along the way – a very enjoyable experience. Plan to be back, and will definitely be in touch with you should that eventuate. Merry Christmas and all the best for 2011.
Best Regards,
John Morgan

Thanks Mike

You did very well to get me on to some  nice fish in tough conditions — you must be one of the hardest working guides ever.  How do you keep it up?

yes, I’ll have another crack in 2011

BTW I bought your first DVD in the fishing shop in Nelson as they were playing it. Its well done – but you weren’t always keeping your rod up when playing those big fish!! 🙂

All the best

Paul Sheehan

‘Fishing with Mike Kirkpatrick (Latitude Guiding) was the highlight of my trip to New Zealand.  Mike helped me with a number of “tricks” that helped me throw the fly where I wanted it and drift like it should to land some nice rainbow trout’ (over four pounds).  ‘The trout were wild and jumped like they really wanted to get away, which some of them did’.

Thanks Mike.

Tony Brooks
Antone L. Brooks, Professor
Washington State University Tri-Cities

“What a day!  It is nice to know that you can still learn some useful tricks that help catch the big ones.  I have been fishing for years but learned several new techniques from you in a half day of fishing that will last for a lifetime.  Thanks for a wonderful experience. Your patience and knowledge along with the beautiful scenery and bounty of fish are what made it unforgettable.”

Gerry McCain
Ashland, Oregon

Just a short note to say a very big thank you for a super day on Wednesday, I really enjoyed it.

I must also thank you for your your expert knowledge and above all patience, but we did get there in the end!

I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends who come to fish, I have also left your details with our friends in Nelson.

Again my thanks for a memorable day.

Best Wishes,
Mick Holtby

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the photos – what a great day. I promise I will practice my casting for February ! The 3 P’s !

All the best,

Ralph Hogg

‘Mike is a true gentleman and first class guide with the patience of a saint and eyes of a sea eagle; novice or experienced anglers alike are guaranteed a superb day in the heart of New Zealand’s finest fishing’

William Parry-Smith

Hi Mike
Back in the UK – cold, wet and grey!  Just a note to say how much I enjoyed fishing with you.  I learnt a lot and had many chances.  Fishing would be very dull if it was easy. I will be back though!

Do get in touch if you make it over here and we will see if we can get you into a big Tweed salmon!

Luke Commins

One of the highlights of my trip to New Zealand was hooking up with Mike. My only regret is that we had to leave before fishing about a dozen more rivers. Beautiful rivers, big trout, and a Guide who is a fisherman at the top of his game and a joy to fish with.

Ted Hagaman

Dear Mike

My wife and I are coming out to NZ again in Feb and I would like to go fishing with you again if possible. Last time on 11th or 12th Feb. I caught 2 good fish in the xxxx river. Are you still guiding and available and what would you charge a very satisfied old customer.

Kind regards

Mike Burgess

Hi Mike

We are back in UK having had a super holiday once again. One of my high lights was my days fishing to exhaustion with you. 🙂

I was very impressed with how you got me on to that brownie by trying a number of flies at different depths to tempt it, and then for me to pull the fly out after it took most of my line out in crossing and running downstream!!

I still have your brochure and details and will pass them on to any of my contacts who are coming your way with my strongest recommendations.

I wish you good luck with your video enterprises and would like details of them in order to buy one. Could you also please send me a copy of the picture you took of me.

Kind regards

Mike Burgess


Thanks for the photo’s. They look fantastic !

I have watched your video a couple of times. Nice work movie star !  Its so  much better to watch these things when you have fished the region.

Obviously I would like to sincerely thank you for our trip. The timing was not great ( or the casting ) but you exceeded my expectations and I feel as though we achieved a lot for such a short time. I think we caught fish in spite of ourselves but the fact that we did catch fish is a great credit to you. You did everything possible to make it happen.

It was fantastic to see Andy catch his first fish and I think you will see more of him as he develops his new hobby. Believe me also when I say that one of my life dreams of catching big fish in New Zealand has come true and I thank you for that.

I also appreciate your constructive criticism. Though it was frustrating for you I now know what I need to work on so that when I return I don’t waste time, money and good fish. I have not had access to any type of coaching before so it was very valuable to me.

Are you able to outline your leader system as I had not seen this before. Or is there a web site that explains it ?

Once again many thanks for your efforts  !!!!!

Brian McCarthy

G’day Mike

Thanks Mate for an awesome two day trip. My first ever fly fishing trip with you to the xxxx River back in March must have struck a chord, as I have been hooked ever since. The two day trip to the back country around the xxxx River in December actually exceeded my expectations (and they had built up a bit since my last trip in March!). The countryside was spectacular, and even more enjoyable owing to the absence of my usual fishing companions – snakes and crocodiles. We must have seen nearly thirty feeding fish in the two days. Of those I landed five – two of them going 7lb! Four fish broke me off or shook the hook, and I failed to hookup on another ten or so.

I’ve used plenty of fishing guides, albeit as a saltwater bait fisherman (don’t tell anyone), and I’ve never had a more successful or enjoyable trip as I did with you. Your knowledge of the area and the right techniques to get those brown trout interested was outstanding. Your patience with me for continually fouling the long grass with the tippet was also appreciated! Although I am not sure you could top a trip like that one, I’m already plotting my next trip with you.

cheers mate

kieran Keyes

FW: John (Stonefly Lodge)

Thanks for your assistance.  I was able to connect with Aaron for a day fishing which was great. Aaron wasn’t able to give me any more time but he did refer me to a friend & guide  Mike Kirkpatrick from Latitude Guiding whom I hooked up with for a day fishing yesterday. I thought Mike was a superb guide, not only did I catch my first NZ brown Trout with Mike but I also caught a second fish at near trophy size, at 9.5 lbs. Thanks again for your help and I will be back for another trip sometime soon.

Scott Blackburn